Kaayla Fox

Kaayla Fox is a fine jeweler and artist whose interest in symbology led her to incorporate both the ancient and contemporary.  Her body of work ranges from earthy textured sculptures combined with gem stones to the more refined geometric designs in polished precious metals.

Her enthusiasm for sacred geometry led her to appreciate the complex designs found in crop circles and she has been replicating them in silver jewelry as a historical record since 2000.  This passion has exploded into a personal journey that fostered scientific and spiritual exploration of how we are all connected through sacred geometry.

Artist’s Statement

My interest in rocks was first noted by my mother who reported the necessity of taking special care to empty the rocks and earthworms from my jeans pockets before washing them.  I was pre-school age.  The details of Mother Earth still peak my curiosity to look closely at her elements; picking up pebbles on a beach, stroking the moss growing on a tree, and watching colors change in the play of sunlight.  I love collecting rocks, minerals, and crystals; driftwood and shells.  Whenever I look for a new form of expression, it is natural to return to my first love, Mother Earth.

EarthSpirit Jewelry Designs are my original, one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that incorporate a potpourri of jewelry techniques and styles using gemstones, beads, and a variety of metals and textures.  I make Angels and Characters that bring the earth energies into our surroundings, reminding us of our inseparable connection to Source and to lift our Spirits with laughter.

I have been a jeweler and silversmith since 1999.  Training with some of the best jewelers in the country at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco was an invigorating experience that gave me a solid technical background in this craft.  However, I was influenced the most by the work of Bob Winston, an elderly jewelry arts designer and educator, who was well known in Arizona and California for his lost wax casting techniques and designs.  He encouraged me to experiment and use my mistakes to extend my designs in other directions.  Although he was a mentor to me, I never tried to copy him and for this I gained his respect.  His support gave me a sense of dignity and value for myself and my craft.

I am best known locally and internationally for my crop circle inspired fine jewelry, LightCircles©, and I am the author of Crop Circles in Motion Oracle: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution.