Ann Metlay

At seventy I reinvented myself.  A lifelong writer, I discovered ways to create and communicate wordlessly by connecting small burls and other intricate chunks of wood into assemblages.  Working to enhance the shapes created by nature, I endeavor to maintain the integrity of each piece of wood I find.

I pick up my wood on dry hillsides, along riverbanks and in dry washes around the Verde Valley.  Once found, I soak my wood then use steel brushes, sandpaper, and steel wool to clean out the dirt encrusted in each piece of wood.  I then use papier mache or glue to attach my wood to other Alabaster, other pieces of wood, and even rusty bedsprings.

A resident of the Verde Valley since 2010, I live in Clarkdale with my two mini-doxies.  I have two tabby cats guarding my studio in nearby Cottonwood.  I have found the easiest way to live is by keeping active, having many close friends and maintaining my sense of humor.

A native of Berkeley, California, I lived there until I joined the Peace Corps in 1968.  I taught special education and reading for over 40 years.  I have written two books.  It Happened in the Cottonwood Library Parking Lot is a group of 20 short, short stories of people who came through the Cottonwood Library parking lot and their lives changed.  Sensations in Color is my word-art.  I explored the taste, smell and other sensations of color, primarily the colors found here in Arizona.  These books are available on