Jordan Ross

Phone/fax: 928-649-3104


Working in acrylics, oils, mixed media and assemblage, my images are explorations of the imagination. Feelings, ideas, and dreams surge up and await their moment of expression. Having a life of its own, each individual piece is allowed to emerge intuitively in its own time.

My work has been shown at juried exhibits in Washington, D.C., Honolulu, HI, Boulder, Denver, Greeley & Golden, CO, Sedona, Cottonwood & Clarkdale, Az Awards include First Place at National Greeley Art Exhibit and a prestigious award at the National League of American Pen Women group show in Honolulu, among them.

Mostly self-taught, but I’ve attended workshops & classes at the Sedona Arts Center, Leeward Community College (Honolulu) and at Yavapai Community College. I was the Art Curator at the Honolulu Country Club Gallery, 2003-2004.

Galleries/collections: Hart of Az. (Cottonwood, Az), Sedona Arts Center, Honolulu Country Club Gallery; private collections in Denver, Boulder, Co, Kaneohe, HI, Sedona & Cottonwood, Az.

Artist Statement


My work consists of both abstract paintings and assemblages. My paintings are adventures in feeling and colors some turbulent and others quiet and zen-like.

In creating my assemblages, I am compelled to rescue those damaged, rusty and discarded objects wherever they may be found. The narrative of my art is driven by my intuition which combines disparate elements and transforms their mundane and rejected lives into surprising artistic identities.

I usually use substrates of wood and add rusty metal, film, paper, acrylics and other found objects as they present themselves. Anything has potential and experimentation is the name of my game. Recognizing possibilities in all things allows me to nurture my penchant for both collecting and for creating.

Rather than coming up with a theme and searching for elements to help create it, I let the items themselves determine what they want to become, adding and subtracting as appropriate. As the artist, I nudge them to breathe new life and speak with a new voice.

For me, the process is like whitewater rafting and I willingly go with the adventure never in complete control and constantly amazed when I reach the final destination.

My hope is that these creations will energize and touch the minds and hearts of the viewer.