Kaayla Fox

Artist’s Statement

Kaayla Fox is a fine jeweler and artist whose interest in symbology led her to incorporate both the ancient and contemporary.  Her body of work ranges from earthly textured sculptures of assembled gemstones to the more refined geometric designs in polished precious metals.

I have been a jeweler and silversmith since 1999, so when I got the nudging to take my collection of rocks and crystals and assemble them into sculptures, little did I realize that they were going to show up as people like characters and angels.  Although, when I look back on my life, I see the ways that I was prepared for the inspirations and talents expressed in the current moment.

My interest in rocks was first noted by my mother who reported the necessity of taking special care to empty the rocks and earthworms from my jeans pockets before washing them.  I was pre-school age. By ten years old I was making clothes for my family of dolls. As an adult, my favorite job was wardrobe consulting where I helped women and men choose clothing that harmonized with their features. My training in female shamanism put me in touch with my intuitive nature and the process of making medicine dolls became a focal point.

The details of Mother Earth still peak my curiosity to look closely at her elements, like picking up pebbles on a beach, stroking the moss growing on a tree, and watching colors change in the play of sunlight.  Collecting rocks, minerals, and crystals; driftwood, shells, and feathers is second nature.

Today I feel the force behind the playful act of making these EarthSpirit Angelic Characters.  I pick up my rocks, rolling them over and over in my hands (my hands are the key), holding them next to other rocks to see if they fit together.  Sometimes I find a match and images begin to appear to me, so I go in search of the pieces that make it come together.  Sometimes I have to wait for the right elements to show up much later.  Constructing and attaching the rocks together is the challenge and where the practice and skill come in to play. I do a lot of experimenting and make lots of mistakes along the way, but when it comes together…..it is such a joy and uplifting experience.

I’ve realized that I’m not in charge of this process, but guided by the angels or spirit guides.  Only after the sculptures are finished, do I have some idea of how they can contribute to our everyday lives.  They radiate a vibrational quality that enriches us in some particular way.  I give them a name knowing that the person who claims ownership of these divine angels will see and hear a special message for themselves.

My enthusiasm for sacred geometry led me to appreciate the complex designs found in crop circles. Inspired by their patterns and energy, in 2000 I undertook the project of replicating some of them into jewelry as well as stunning medallions as a historical record with an international interest. I am the author of Crop Circles in Motion Oracle: A Cosmic Guide to Personal Evolution.