Diane J Eide

I utilize a variety of painting and drawing media and subject matter as a means of artistic expression. I have taught public school art classes, as well as drawing at Northern Arizona

I went through an Abstract Expressionism period and sometimes revert to that genre in a painting. Remnants of that style still appear throughout much of my works. Lately, I have explored a more precise and intellectual approach. I’ve always delighted in drawing which to me is the most elemental skill. I especially love to draw the human figure, often striving to capture the essence of the individual with a few quick expressive lines. At other times, I further develop the form, modeling with values, as if creating a sculpture. I also believe that drawing and painting the landscape is one of an artist’s most rewarding experiences. There Is no better way of communing with nature than to find a quiet place and attempt to capture the atmosphere of a scene, whether it is the intense light of the Southwest or the more subdued hues of the Midwest.