Gini Goldie

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My paintings to evolve out of both past memories and the immediate artistic experience – which I perceive as both mystical and magical.  The patterns of life that are evoked in my paintings come from techniques developed over a lifetime and that sublime involvement in the moment – or what is known as the process of creating.

Born and raised in New York City, I was fortunate to experience the joys of artistic creativity that NYC had to offer – from the Beatnik Cafes and Schools of Greenwich Village (yes, along with Bob Dillan, though not together). Working in theatrical advertising for the Blaine Thompson Agency, on 44th St off Broadway which was 2 floors above Sardi’s famous restaurant, I got to see and know some of the theatre greats of the time whose dramatic flair had a tremendous influence over  – at least of my mind. The creative juice really flowed in those years.  I took every advantage of the wonders of Broadway and NYC Museums and Galleries.

With a BA in Art & Education from Adelphi and began my art career at an NYC theatrical advertising firm. When I got married I taught art in a Long Island public school until my first pregnancy. We had four children, but I managed to get two Master’s degrees – one in Liberal Studies and one, abD, in Anthropology & Archaeology – both from SUNY at Stony Brook, the beautiful north shore town where we lived for thirty years. I still got to see many NY plays and since one of my husband’s cousins owned the famous Bottom Line, we also got to hear lots of music that was new and exciting, walking past long lines as we were admitted like celebrities, which we weren’t!

In the summer of 1976, the bicentennial year, we and 3 of our children traveled across the United States, exploring ancient Native American lands; first the northern route and returning through the southern portion of our land including AZ after staying in San Francisco for three magical weeks.  We were poor, but we had credit cards.

I traveled and worked both in art and archaeology in the Caribbean – many of the Antilles, St. Thomas where my mother lived, and Puerto Rico & primarily in the Dominican Republic where I received a grant to work with the Organization of American States.  When my mother moved to Mexico, I continued exploring, painting and selling art there. In 1994, we arrived in Arizona’s beautiful Verde Valley escaping the crowds of New York.

Vic, my husband, who is an English professor & poet, along with dogs, Kiva, Maile & Kimmy (all beautiful loving rescues) not only explored the Verde Valley but the wonderful West that included our great National Parks, Canada and ancient lands including many pueblos. We spent time many summers in Ashland seeing not only Shakespeare but other plays in a theatre in the round.  We went to England the year after 9-11 and to Russia just before it became dangerous to travel east. We were lucky to experience so many beautiful, interesting people, cultures and landscapes including the  Rockies Canadian train from Vancouver to Toronto.

For many years, in addition to creating art, I have also taught various anthropology & numerous liberal studies courses at Yavapai College, Verde Campus, Clarkdale.    I continue to teach various art & creativity workshops, as well as teaching privately or work collaboratively in many homes & studios many of which are in Clarkdale.

I am a juried member of the Northern Arizona Watercolor Society (NAWS) and the National Society of Layerists in Multi-Media (SLMM).  I am also a member of the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition (SVAC), Sedona Art Center, El Valle Artists Association (EVAA) and Made in Clarkdale (MIC).  In addition to painting and mixed media of all types, I have been drawing & knitting since I was a child, and I recently have incorporated jewelry designs into fiber art.

Besides, have exhibited in NY, AZ & Ajijic, Mexico, museums which have shown my work are the Schneider Museum of Art in Ashland, OR & the Albuquerque Museum in NM. I exhibit in various shows art organizations hold, as well as sell from my home and online. My work is in numerous private collections nationwide, primarily in MA, CT, DE, NY, VA, AZ, CA, OR, D.C & other unknown locations!